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The complete solution to your confusion about the right fuel to be used in Multifuel Stoves

It is quite crucial to select the right fuel for the multifuel stove. Using the inappropriate stove fuel can lead to lesser efficiency as well as safety hazards. Here is a list of problems that can be caused due to the use of incorrect fuel in the multifuel stoves.

  • The most common problem with the wrong fuel is the incomplete combustion of coal fuel in the stove. This releases an excessive amount of carbon monoxide inside the home. This gas is odorless but fatal for humans in the advent of prolonged exposure or contact.
  • Another issue that can be faced is the lesser efficiency of the stove. The stove may not perform as per the expectation. The lifespan of the stove can also be reduced due to incorrect fuel being used.
  • The owner may find it increasingly costly to use multifuel stoves because of excessive fuel consumption when the right fuel is not used.

                These are some of the basic setbacks encountered by the user when the wrong fuel is used. The best way to avert these safety problems is to use smokeless coals in your multifuel stove. Not only does this protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning but it also keeps your stove clean and tidy, and reduces blockages from ash and soot.

                Most of the contemporary stoves are advanced enough to not let excess smoke emission inside the home. You can go through the manual to understand the exact requirement of maintenance it has and what kind of fuel will be appropriate for it.

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