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Here is some significant info about traditional stoves you cannot miss

Many homeowners in the UK use wood burning stoves to keep the interiors warm and comfortable. Air pollution sourced from the traditional stoves according to the latest research is about 38%, which the government is endeavoring to curb. The aim is to reduce the percentage to 30% by 2030.

  • The stove installers are expected to supply green standard stoves to reduce pollution levels. The latest stoves which are manufactured and installed are mostly categorized under the green standards. These come with eco-friendly stickers and are easy to identify.
  • In the UK, there are various regions which are classified as controlled belts. The consumers in these areas are expected to use stoves which are DEFRA or HETAS approved. These are tested stoves which are excellent for reducing pollution.
  • Traditional stoves which are being manufactured, are much less detrimental to the environment than the ones manufactured about a decade ago. Using these stoves, entail a reduction of emission levels to as much as 80%.
  • Filters can be added to the older stoves to ensure that the smoke emission is controlled. This, however, is a temporary solution and therefore it is recommended that one should rather change the older stoves.
  • The filters are electrostatic ones which are effective in reducing the fine particle emission by 92%. The mechanism is to ionize the particulates and attach them to the wall which can be later cleaned with a chimney sweep.
  • Use dry wood in the wood-burning stoves. If the wood contains even a slight amount of moisture the ignition time is delayed. Dry wood is also environment-friendly as it emits less smoke. Look for the ready-to-use wood which is available in the market at excellent costs.

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